Renovation Nation (Pty) Ltd brings a new product to the Lowveld that has been tried and tested in Gauteng, Northwest and the Western Cape for more than 10 years.

We offer a service for your lawn that will boost and revive your lawn in a few weeks. Water alone simply won’t give you a healthy lush lawn, fertilisers and pest control is a basic requirement for a healthy lawn. We have a special blend of liquid fertilisers, herbicides and pesticides to ensure you have a healthy, weed and pest free lawn.

The service is not a quick fix to a dull and drab lawn, but rather a maintenance cycle to build up and maintain a healthy dense lawn with vibrant colour and free from diseases and pests. The service is based on 4 treatments a year, every 13 weeks. The fertilisers and pesticides can last for up to 13 weeks on healthy lawns, however treatments can be repeated every 4 weeks for lawns in poor condition, with alterations in treatments to address specific issues.

Our standard lawn service includes:

          ·         Free quotation

          ·         Free lawn analysis

          ·         Liquid fertiliser application – promotes growth through leave absorption

          ·         Liquid insecticide application – termites, ants, crickets, fleas, ticks, worms etc.

          ·         Weed treatment – Broadleaf, Wintergrass, Sorrel etc.

          ·         Fungus treatment – Fairy ring, brown spot, mushrooms etc.

          ·         Home foundation and perimeter ant spray

          ·         Driveway and paving weed treatment

Extra lawn services:

          ·         Granular fertiliser to promote growth, strong roots and colour through root absorption

          ·         Organic compost to promote growth and strong roots through root absorption

          ·         Lime treatment to adjust PH level of soil

          ·         Organic compost to flower beds and manual weed removal of flower beds

          ·         Planting of instant lawn or sowing seeds

          ·         Irrigation installations

          ·         Rain harvesting solutions – tanks and pumps to water gardens